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No News is Good News?

Someone recently asked me how Dad was doing. My initial reaction was to say, "No news is good news." But that didn't seem right because the statement implies that there IS good news. There might not be more additional good news but the good news is still active and alive and should be spoken!

In Dad's case here's the good news: His last oncologist appointment was on November 18th. The x-ray still shows that his lungs remain clear—this is miraculous. His strength is back to almost 100% and he is back working at about 80%. He is preaching, ministering, praying, loving, laughing, crying, mourning—he is alive and living it to the fullest. We are thankful.

But this kind of good news is temporal. One day Dad will die. It could be tomorrow or in twenty or twenty-five more years. Only God knows. Will that be a day when there is no more good news?

There is a reason the gospel is called The Good News. It was Good News thousands of years ago, it is Good News today and it will continue to be Good News long after Dad's and our time on earth has come and gone. This is Good News of eternal value and hope; the Good News we cling to when bad news comes crashing in. It's the joy of what He has done, is doing, and what is coming. So while we praise God and thank Him for the good news we can report on behalf of Dad, we can continue to praise God and thank Him for THE GOOD NEWS that we cannot contain—the coming of a Saviour, His death and resurrection, and the hope we have in Him. There can never be "No News is Good News" with that kind of Good News. It must be proclaimed.

Spread THE GOOD NEWS! Joy to the World, the Lord has come!


  1. Brilliant! So well-written and true. We continue to hold you all in prayer, in hope!

  2. So good! Thanks for sharing the Good News! We rejoice to see David in the office more regularly. God be praised.

  3. I too am past the cancer surgery, March 5th, 2018. I am grateful for a Naturopathic Oncologist who put me on some healing and preventative remedies. My doctor referred me to her. Because I was born with one kidney, I totally resisted chemo and radiation.
    Mark was actually a part of that walk then. May GOD bless you as you keep choosing STRENGTH and COURAGE, David. Joshua 1:5-9


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