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A note from Dad.

Hi Dear Friends! 

I have enjoyed observing the Journey to Wholeness through the eyes and heart of our daughter, Jordan. We wanted to provide updates to family and friends from time to time so each could be accurately informed, and I appreciate Jordan volunteering to write a blog. Besides, Jordan is my favourite writer!

Please allow me to add a couple of comments. First, it is somewhat surreal to realize that on April 15 I was in Rio de Janeiro on a missions assignment thinking I was getting over pneumonia, to receiving a preliminary diagnosis on April 17 of lung cancer. So, I have been personally processing the rapidity of this rather unexpected and unwelcome journey. In the complex meanderings of my thoughts and the myriad of my human emotions, I find myself anchored by a verse in ancient Jewish literature (written by another David, mind you) Psalm 31:15, “My times are in your (God’s) hands”. So, I believe, in spite of where this journey takes me, God will have the final word because my times are in His hands!

Second, it is been an encouraging delight to connect with family and friends from all over the world, some are believers, some are not. All kindly offer encouragement and hope. Being a personal follower of Jesus, I note how often he prayed, and how he responded when the disciples asked “Lord, teach us to pray?” Consequently, followers of Jesus have “The Lord’s Prayer.” So in my earliest post, I said “We believe there is power in prayer.”

But I recognize that some may not believe in God or in prayer as l do, but please know that God has used your comments and thoughts, making them wonderful gifts of encouragement to me personally and to our entire family. 

We are carried by the church, as Jordan so beautifully wrote, but we feel loving support behind every email sent, every message posted and every card received.

Also, tomorrow morning I begin a specialty “targeted treatment” to confront the lung cancer. Our prayer is for “maximum effectiveness with minimal side-effects”. Feel free to join. 

Now to Him who is able...

Blessings to you and yours!



  1. I am and continue to Pray for you David. Praying for you and your family but especially you. Praying for "maximum effectiveness with minimal side-effects”. May God lead the way❤️

  2. Praying for you in Malawi. You have pastored us from afar and continue to do so. ❣️
    ~ Jef & Renatta Walton

  3. We will join with so many others in praying God's hand in these treatments. He is able. Carman and Linda Webb (Timber River, NB)

  4. We continue to pray for your complete healing. You're right, our times are in His hands.

    Many blessings,
    Peter & Wanda Snow (Renfrew Ont)

  5. I have prayed and fasted for you David though my connection is via Stacey. Oddly though you are the one looking to the community for support, your reflections are powerful and encouraging and potent... and I take to heart... they are all the more meaningful and alive to me as you are sharing from the depths of spirit. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey with us.
    Michael Nelson

  6. My Dear friend, and brother in Christ. I was led to Bethel church in Lions Head this morning where the congregation lifted you in prayer. It was a shocking way to discover your sudden path. My mind drifted to Country church where we last spoke, and then reflected on all the years at the Queensway. Your incredible smile, the glint in your eyes, and your fervent spirit always remained true. Your gentle guidance, and words of truth have remained with me all these years. I know that many, many people are lifting you up in prayer to God, and I will be faithful to do the same. I will also daily lift up your family, praying for God's strength and peace in this journey. Thank you for your guidance, your wisdom, and your example. May the healing hand of God touch your life.
    I'll have a fresh batch of homemade maple butter tarts for you, the next time you make it up here.
    God bless you Pastor David.

    JP Martin

  7. We stand with you in prayer for the treatment and for continued strength in this journey. We so love and appreciate you David.- Dwayne & Jodey Hutchings

  8. Pastor David, thanks for sharing this shocking news in such a natural way that reveals your trust in the Almighty. We will pray with and for you, Stacy, and the family. We should all remember what has become a bit more real to you lately, that our time are in God's hands. Peace and blessings.


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