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Not the end.

We recently attended my cousin, Janette's wedding. It was a lovely, God-honouring ceremony and Janette had asked Dad if he could walk them through communion. As I watched Dad speak quietly with them and serve them the emblems, I started to cry. Because what came to mind was a conversation Dad had with Janette from his hospital bed four months earlier. And now he is present, active and serving communion. His recovery continues!

The latest Oncologist report: No more appointments for six weeks and the x-ray shows almost no sign of the tumor. "If I didn't know your diagnosis," the doctor said, "I wouldn't be able to tell you even have cancer."

We continue to praise and we continue to pray.

In the thick of the worst of it, back in April, I was driving to the hospital. It was a time of bad news followed by more bad news and I was meeting my parents and my sister to get more news (there wasn't much hope that it would be good). On my drive I was praying and listening to what God had to say and I heard very clearly this: "You are going to hear news today but remember, I AM the one who says 'The End.' No one else." I tucked that in my heart as I parked and went into the hospital. That day was one of the hardest, worst days of it all. The doctor, while kind, was very stark in what Dad could expect and how long he had. It rocked me to the core. In the middle of the emotion of it all I spoke what God had said. I can't say that immediately we all felt better, but I know we all clung to who God says He is. Many times after that, we have had to pray over our hearts and minds—that we would always keep our eyes fixed on His Word and not the doctor's prognosis.

God woke me up early to start writing because I think quite a few people need to hear this. You are in the thick of the worst of it in your situation. The news coming is always bad and things are not looking hopeful. Know this: God is the only one who gets to the write 'The End' on your situation. No one else. And when we fix our eyes on His Word, we see Him reversing situations for His glory. Even death is never the end because of what Christ accomplished on the cross and through his resurrection. It's ONLY LIFE with God.

For everyone on their own hard journey, and we know of many, we pray God's breath of life over whatever situation you are facing. We pray protection over your mind and heart, that you cling to who God is and not what man says.

He's the only one who gets to say: 'The End.'


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I just this morning emailed your Dad and I was wondering what the most recent news was. So happy to hear this!

  2. Fantastic news David, prayer works in so many ways.

  3. This is fantastic news! God is ever so faithful and He is the Healer! So happy for Ps David. Blessings from Malaysia!

  4. Praising God for such wonderful news. Thanks for your encouraging words - so true and valued! Blessings to you all. With much love, Jodey

  5. Been praying for all of you and so grateful for the work God is doing!!! Thank you for this word of encouragement. There are many who will be blessed by it, I know.

  6. Praise God for such wonderful news. Thank you for sharing your words are encouraging. Many blessings to you all!
    Bianca Anderson

  7. In liver resection surgery I hemorrhaged ..4 litres fast as they were adding blood it poured out! After 20 minutes of distress and 5 hours of surgery ..I ended up on life support .. I heard praise songs !( thought they were in the other room?)
    2 weeks later I was released .. 1st night at home I heard the praise songs again?? .. I thought the whole time they were coming from the other room! It was then I realized is was God!! In that exact moment of realization He spoke to me!! He said “it was Me!! I had you the whole time!!! “
    I then proceeded to conduct a heavenly symphony all night long .( I’m a worship leader and play piano by ear .. a gift from Him) it was a glorious celebration of His faithfulness ..never heard the music from the other room again!!... lol... His timing .. His choice ! God’s not done writing your story .. YES!! He’s the one that writes
    “The End” !! We can trust Him with the rest of our Story!!!!🙏🏼

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