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Feet on the ground. Hands in the air.

We continue to hold fast to God during each step of this journey. Many of you have reached out with words of life and encouragement, and we know so many are praying. We are grateful. God continues to show His faithfulness and provide us with His peace.

An amazing report came back to us last week from the Respirologist. He put up x-rays of Dad's chest before treatment and a current one and replied: "You are having a miraculous response to treatment." (We really like when doctors use the words 'miraculous'!) The cancer is still there but it has shrunk significantly.

Mom and Dad are currently enjoying some time of rest at the cottage. School is almost out so they need all the rest they can get before the grandkids descend on their peace and quiet :) I have asked Dad to write a note to you all with his thoughts.

A note from Dad:

Stacey and I were delighted to attend recent wedding celebrations for our nephew, Devan Green, and his new bride, Kirsten. While there, my sister, Janice, reflected over the past couple of months and my recent journey to wholeness: "David, you have your feet on the ground, and your hands in the air." Her comment resonated!

By "Feet on the ground" she noted that I am well aware of the challenge on this journey: no illusions, no avoidance, no denial...but also, no retreat. I am engaging all means in the pursuit of wholeness.

"Hands in the air" is a reference to prayer. The Bible speaks often of lifting hands to the Lord when praying. It is a posture of surrender and trust. Yes, I am praying daily—asking the Lord for wisdom, peace, and healing grace. My daily prayer also includes several others facing significant challenges.

Romans 8:28 says that "in ALL things, God works for the good of those that love Him." The ALL for me (us) in our current circumstance includes consistent prayer, walking by faith every day, amazing support from family and friends, and a wise medical team that has determined an effective treatment path.

Monday's visit with the Oncologist went well. He confirmed that my response to treatment continues to be very good and, consequently, he does not need to see me for another month.

I am feeling a bit stronger each day. I have carefully re-engaged a couple of projects at work—it is good for me to have a few things to keep me occupied.

Thank you for joining us with hands in the air. Prayer is powerful!

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow.



  1. This is fantastic to hear!! May God continue the good work which He has begun and may all the glory, honour, and praise go to Him. God doesn't finish part way, always 100%!!!

  2. We continue to pray for a complete and total recovery. Our "Hands are in the air" as well. May God bless your precious family!!

  3. Praise God for your testimony. We hang on to prayer.

  4. Praising God for what has been done and for what is still ahead. Dad keeps asking about you. We go to celebrate his 85th on Sat and I will fill him in.The family of God is a great thing. It stretches around the world and all over, we have our hands in the air daily for you~!

  5. So amazing to hear! God is good. It was great to see you in this office this week- we continue to pray with you!

  6. Awesome report! Loving the “hands in the air, feet on the ground” analogy. Well said. Continuing to pray for all my friends battling this crazy disease. Looking forward to the next positive report. Thanks Jordan and David.

  7. So incredible to hear of the goodness of our God!
    May He continue to bring healing as we continue to keep our hands in the air and feet on the ground with you.
    Many blessings,
    The Hughes family.

  8. We’re shouting with you in Atlanta over the amazing reports while prayerfully standing with you believing for you to receive a completed miracle of God’s healing grace!


  10. Thanking God and continuing to remember you all in prayer here.

  11. Praise the Lord for the miraculous progress your health is making Pastor Hazzard!! The words of your sister describe who you are always, and whom we have appreciated so much over the years - your feet on the ground and hands in the air - the difference is that this time, you are including yourself in that. So happy to hear you are feeling better and are re-engaged in projects to give you other matters to focus on while God takes you to complete healing. Do keep resting as well and enjoy your time at the cottage. We continue to pray for total healing!! Much love, Carol and Garry.


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